Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google Maps news and blog post roundup

What's fuelling the appeal of Google Earth?
Travolution - Jan.25/06
Using Google for Profit: Data Point
AllPointsBlog - Jan.24/05
Google Earth Growth - What's Behind it?
HitWise Blog - Jan.24/06
Google Maps is the #3 return on a Google search for "maps" - Jan.23/06
Terrific Real Estate Search Tools - Jan.23/06
O'Reilly: "Google Maps is the new open source."
AllPointsBlog - Jan.22/06
Google eye in the sky catches flying car - Jan.23/06
Tour New York with a Google-Wikipedia-GPS mashup
C|Net Google Blog - Jan.18/06
Still Seeing "Blue Pins" on Some Google Maps; Google Now Testing Paid Links in Google Earth
Search Engine Watch - Jan.18/06
Hot: Real Estate Industry Uses of Satellite/Aerial Imagery
Search Engine Watch - Jan.17/06
Search engines going far beyond maps - Jan.15/06
A Better Way to Do the Monster Mash
Baseline - Jan.14/06
Want Google Local to Look/Act Like Live Local?
AllPointsBlog - Jan.9/06
Google Maps and your alumni!
Wired Communities - Jan.9/06
[Book Review] Google Maps API: Adding 'Where' to Your Applications
The Farm Tucows Blog - Jan.5/06
Update on Mashup Camp
ZDNet Blogs - Jan.4/06
Man Hacks The Internet To Plot Amazon Wishlists Users Home Addresses on Google Maps
Pay Attention To Me! - Jan.4/06
"My New Business Card", Google maps based - Jan.3/06
Cheney's Residence and Google Maps
HouseofLabor - Jan.2/06
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