Monday, January 23, 2006

Hey, 24 fans: Check out the JackTracker Google Maps Mashup!

The Jack-Tracker!

GridSkipper has the scoop on a HOT new Web 2.0 mashup that combines Google Maps and Wayfaring with Flickr and YouTube to bring you a way to keep current with one of the best television shows going: 24. user Bohan has used the Do-It-Yourself Google Maps web app to create "JackTracker", a Google Maps and Wayfaring powered show tracker that lets you see, on a Google Map what world locations the show is weaving viewers through. "Waypoints" or map pins give you show notes, and screen captures from each episode. The site design behind Wayfaring helps to create a forum/message board for each waypoint as well, so show fans can chat about the event in the show or the actual location that it took place in! What an awesome marriage of some great new web technologies and traditional television... Why didn't Fox think of this? If I were a big-wig television exec, I'd be making an offer and getting Bohan on the payroll. :) If I were the producer of The Amazing Race series, I'd be making sure that my show website had something similar to what has been done here for the next season also!
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