Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Google Maps Mashups for Canada: Libraries, Golf Courses, Toronto Housing and Live Music

Finding Libraries in Canada - Looking for your local library? If all goes well, each of them local to you should be plotted when you visit If not, you can open up a nifty web panel feature that lets you plug in your Canadian postal code and.. VOILA - Your local libraries are displayed on the map! This is a very cool use of Google Maps and publicly accessible data! This mashup also works for the U.S. (Note: This mashup defaults to the Yahoo! Maps version - click "Switch to Google Maps" to change views.)

Finding Golf Courses in Ontario - If you're like thousands of golfers in Ontario, you're looking outside and wondering when winter will give way to spring and yet another golf season. To plot your attack for 2006, check out this great mashup that has been created by that lets you search for a golf course by provincial region or city. Results get displayed on a Google Map. This is a great tool for residents of or visitors to Ontario!

Toronto Real Estate Map + TTC + Beer Stores + LCBO shops - is a VERY cool apartment search for the City of Toronto. It lets you search apartment listings by typical filters such as bedrooms, rent-range etc. Interested in knowing the proximity of your results to things like The Beer Store or an LCBO shop? How about the closest Subway Station? No problem. Map pins indicate this with "B" and "L" pins, as well as the TTC logo among your apartment listings which are marked as "A" on the Google Map.. Pretty cool, "A"?! :)

Find Live Music Venues in Toronto - has a great little Google Map of the venues in the city that feature live music. Links in the info-balloons help you find out what gigs you can catch at these locations..

More Google Maps Mashups for Canada can be found here and here.. Do you know of more? Post a comment to this blog-post to let others know!

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