Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday Google Maps Mashup Assortment (10)

Jan.2/06: Corrected URL

Some fun and interesting mashups:

Travel Blogmap - Blogger user Hammock has integrated Google Maps into his travel blog. Check out this link and watch his travels get plotted to a Google Map.
Sail Track - Cody has showed you the route of Spirit 28 in her recent journey from Scappoose, Oregon to Barkley Sound, BC in September, 2005.(Thanks for the linkback Cody!)
March of the Penguins - Check out this Google Map that shows the travels of many stuffed penguins in various world locations! Good fun!
Cool centering/zooming functionality - I'm reposting this French Google Map of mountain biking tracks. Select a route from "Circuits GPS ->" then choose a zoom level from "Selection vitesse trace:" and select a route from below.
3D Tilted Japan Google Map - This is another repost of a Japan map that I mentioned. Blogger user Nipponcan has pointed us to the actual tilted map app that I only before had a screenshot for. Give this one a try - VERY cool.

Some new mashups discovered by - Blosh finds blogs mentioning locations and displays them on a map [info]
Judy's Book Maps - View reviews of U.S. stores, restaurants, bars and venues [info]
Geek Shout Map - Find the Geek and shout any message you want on any location on the map. [info]

Popular Mashups continue to update themselves: has introduced People Frappr and MyFrappr (check out an example here). has put more information around a single location. Check out Paris as an example. Tagzania maps can also be incorporated directly into your Blogger posts as well - check out this Blogger user that has incorporated a Tagzania map into his post about wifi sites in Cleveland, Ohio.

..Still bored? Play some of these Google Maps powered web-games!

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