Tuesday, February 07, 2006

3 new Google Maps Mashups: Cycling, Motocross, Racetracks

Amgen Tour of California on Google Maps - It's 12 days and counting to the Amgen Tour of California cycling race and to get psyched for the event you can check out the entire route on this use of Google Maps on the tour's website. The event takes riders and teams through 10 California cities and 7 stages. A Google Map feature called the "Tour Tracker" plots the journey in pedometer style with a Route Profile at the bottom showing the grade that riders will endure over that leg.


Find and add Motocross Tracks & Trails - MotoxMap.com is a new Google Maps mashup for the Motocross community. Riders can add their favorite tracks and trails to a Google Maps + Ruby on Rails app. Features include comments, sharing and rating of each track, as well as the opportunity to display photos of the tracks. Satellite imagery is a real bonus, if the track is old enough to have made it into these pictures. Here is a more detailed overview of the site.

Find a Local Racetrack - LocalTracks.net has integrated a Google Maps based search into their website. Start your search here for Drag, Dirt, Paved and Road tracks for 12 Eastern U.S. states. Example: Georgia.

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