Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 new Google Maps Mashups: Podcasts, SCUBA, First woman solo world flight

World SCUBA Google Map - Here is a wiki-style Google Map of world SCUBA dive sites that lets anyone add their favorite dive sites. As far as Google Maps go, this one has a TON of search functionality and content. It allows you to view/add image and video galleries, rate each site and also search by heaps of things. It also has a search mechanism so you can do things like ask it to show you all the dive sites that have the keyword shark, are in a particular country and can be accessed from the shore; or just show me all the ice dives with good wide angle photography. This is an awesome Google Maps mashup!

First Woman solo flight around the world.. Mapped! - Todd McClamroch recently read the story about the historic 1964 flight of Jerrie Mock who was the first woman to fly around the world (no, Amelia Earhart was not the first). Inspired by this story, he has Google-mapped her flight in this Google Maps API implementation (It even works properly in Firefox 1.5!):

World Podcast Directory Google Map - Looking for an interesting podcast from another country, or would you like to search for podcast downloads from a map? PodcastDirectory.com has Google-mapped hundreds of them on this Google Maps search. [via]

Other new Google Maps Mashups:

RentMeAVacation.com + Google Maps - Worldwide Vacation Rentals Direct From Owners.
HotelMapper - Includes major U.S. cities as well as Dublin and London UK

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