Wednesday, February 01, 2006

5 New Google Maps Mashups that span the globe!

LiveMap: World Webcam Map - This is a great webcam explorer that lists cameras that match with the area you are currently looking at on the Google Map. Click the camera listing to make a pin appear and then show the camera view in the balloon. When you click on it, the full size webcam image is displayed. It makes for a great webcam explorer!

World History Timeline Wiki on Google Maps - Here is an interesting project that allows users to map a time in history and a place on earth, and create an event marker for the historical event. In keeping with the wiki concept, the map will only be as good as the users that contribute. The Google Maps API has even been used to power the timeline zoom feature on this! Very cool! gives you a personal world travel map - Create a map of anything, and catalog your personal travels with your own Virtual Pin Map.

Silversea 2007 World Cruise
- Chuck Caplan decided to try out the Google Maps API. He decided to plot the Silversea World Cruise that will span the globe in 2007. + Google Maps = World News Map - Uses news feeds from with Google Maps to make a world news map. The news is updated every hour and does require registration to read the full article. Kudos to Fraser Mills on this one!
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