Thursday, February 23, 2006

6 New Google Maps mashups for the UK!

Pubs of London - This Google Map mashes up a list of pubs in London, along with their quality. The brighter the colour of marker the better the pub is. The data is mashed up from

Political Campaign Map - Ming Campbell has set up a Google Map for his campaign that shows locations for upcoming meetings, speeches and messages of support from around the UK. I like how the map markers have been customized in this one.

Other UK Google Maps:

Here are few new maps created using the new DIY Google Maps site
BBC Traffic News UK Map
TicketSwitch Booking UK Map

Doctor Who Locations - This Google Map shows filming locations for the television series Doctor Who. Includes a kml file so people can load the data into Google Earth.

Professional Adviser Map - A directory of UK professional advisers - financial planners, lawyers and accountants.

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