Wednesday, February 01, 2006

7 New Google Maps Housing and Real Estate Mashups

Real Estate Mashup Trulia hits NYC - reported yesterday that the Trulia Google Maps based real estate mashup, previously confined to California listings only, has launched in New York City! Curbed points to two map shortcuts in their post: New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY
Google Map of eminent domain abuse - Okay, so not directly a real estate mashup but related to the acquisition of property for development. From the mashup creator: "Eminent domain has been in the national spotlight since the US Supreme Court ruled in Kelo v. New London in June 2005 to allow governments to take private property and hand it over to other private developers. We feel that it effectively shows how widespread abuse of eminent domain across the country."

MLS Listings for the SF Bay Area + Google Maps - The name says it all!

Others: includes Google Maps Integration lists Apartments for various U.S. cities
Gibson Smith Realty Co. Commercial Real Estate Listings

Check out more Google Maps Housing and Real Estate Mashups..

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