Saturday, February 04, 2006 Google Maps Mashups: Sahara Desert, U.S. Waterfalls

(Update: Fixed the Waterfall link)

Sahara Desert Map - has posted a Google Maps mashup for the Sahara Desert that shows natural and man-made features such as volcanoes, pyramids, irrigation structures, meteor impacts, sand dunes, shrinking lakes, nuclear reactors, Timbuktu and more. The map was made to help students learn about the Sahara.

United States Waterfalls - Which US state has the largest number of waterfalls? has posted a Google Maps mashup to illustrate the geography of United States waterfalls. The homepage is a map with a marker in each of the 50 states. Clicking on a marker reveals the number of waterfalls in that state and a link to a more detailed map of that state. These maps clearly show that waterfalls are not randomly distributed across the US landscape.

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