Monday, February 20, 2006

Google Maps: Chicago voting, Bush land grab, NYC true stories

New York City True Stories - Here is a website that has been given new life using Google Maps. Here is a description from the website: "It uses the external, familiar landscape of New York City as a way of organizing the wildly internal, often unfamiliar emotional landscapes of the city dweller."

2006 Chicago Early Voting Polling Places - Google Mapper Paul Smith has this to say: "Chicago let's you vote early before the Illinois primary election day of March 21st, so I whipped up a Google Map of the 21 polling places in the city where you can vote early. But not often".

George W. Bush land grab map - Some folks aren't too happy with Montana Senator Conrad Burns. The blog has this to say: "The John Morrison campaign has put together a useful web resource for those of you concerned about the land grab that the Bush administration is proposing.". Check the post here.

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