Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google Maps: Fortune 100 Companies and SlipStream Data Tradeshows

Fortune 100 Companies + Google Maps - Here is a new Google Map showing the locations of the top companies in the U.S. to work for. It shows the rank, address, job growth, industry total employees and website link of each of the companies in the list. Google Maps in this case has been mashed up with data from CNN Money to create the map. Some careful desk-checking and quality assurance has been done on the data to ensure it is a useful mashup for those using it.

SlipStream Data Tradeshow Map - Mobile, Broadband and Dial-Up Acceleration Company SlipStream Data Inc. out of Waterloo, Canada has used the Google Maps API to show the locations of each of their 2006 tradeshows they will be attending (along with 2005 shows attended). It's an interesting use of Google Maps in a business website. Companies can use the Google Maps API to map tradeshows, roadshows or other customer events they might be staging and integrate the resulting map into their corporate website like SlipStream has done here.

Other Business Google Maps business applications:

Fat Brain Toys - What is being ordered and what is being shipped
News Story: talks up web-based enterprise software
Tradeshow Maps attendees (is this allowed?) - On the flipside of the SlipStream example, this show is actually mapping it's attendees. Read more on the map here.

For many more examples of the Google Maps API in the business world, check the Business Category here on Google Maps Mania.

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