Friday, February 10, 2006

Google Maps Restaurant Mashups

Looking for a new place to eat this weekend? Let these Google Maps Mashups help you discover new places to eat (US Only).

MenuRequest + Google Maps - Here is a new restaurant site that features 5,000 links to menus and restaurant information for the following cities: New York, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Google Maps is used to map create a map of all of your search results and gives you the ability to plot just one location to the map. Once inside the map users can link to the website of the restaurant, check out reviews, make reservations, and get directions

Philadelphia Restaurant Week uses Community / Google Maps - Organizers of the Philadelphia Restaurant Week (February 19th - February 24th) have mashed up restaurants categories from the Philadelphia Weekly and The Citypaper to create a Philadelphia Restaurant Week Map. They have used Do-It-Yourself Google Maps tool Check out this blog post for more information. This map shows what a great tool can be for local event organizers to easily integrate an interactive map into their event website. Mashup Update: The previously mentioned mashup has undergone almost an entire site redesign and update. The mashup creator has taken the last couple months of traffic and search patterns to try to deliver a much better user experience.

Looking for more Google Maps Restaurant mashups? Check here (or do a find in-page for the word 'restaurant').

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