Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Google Maps Viewing Tools

Here are some new tools powered in part by Google Maps to help you find all kinds of interesting data and information:
  • MelissaData - An impressive collection of address, real estate, demographics and business tools using Google Maps to present search results.
  • MapFrappe: Shift Shapes - This site contains a neat tool that lets you outline an area using a polyline, then use that outline to frame other places on a Google Map. For example, see the size of Boston by outlining it, then center the comparison map over Denver to compare. Be sure to click "end polyline" to show the same outline in the lower Google Map frame.
  • MapFrappe: Iso-LonLat - This viewing tool shows you what parts of the world have the same longitude and latitude as each other. Or the opposite.
  • Geography Search - Center the map over any area and any zoom level and click the markers to see the locations. This is a twist on the other placename finders that lets you combine that location with Google search, quickly and easily.
  • MyGeoTags - From the website: This service contains names and geographical locations of 7.5 million places (cities, mountains, lakes, airports, churches, schools) worldwide as pre-defined geotags. Enter the name of a place and view all nearby geotags on a google satellite map or click at a location on the Google map to view all nearby geotags. As an alternative all found geotags are also shown in a textual result list.
  • Send your Google Earth location by email - Simple web app to send a message to someone with a Google Earth (KML) file attached
49 more Google Maps viewing tools can be found here.
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