Wednesday, February 08, 2006

London Interactive Transit Google Map

Interactive Transit Map: London

Greg Brail, creator of the interactive New York Transit Map has completed one for London, England! He writes: "..It's exactly the same as the New York map, just for London! The data is brand-new, and I'm an American, so I am hoping that some real Londoners will try it out and let me know what they think." The map is pretty easy to use. You click on any two points on the map, then select the part of the week and the time you are traveling. The directions given automatically provide you with the entire route to that point! Here is an example starting from near King's Cross Station and ending near to Westminster Station:

Walk for 8 minutes, 57 seconds to the Euston Square station. Board the Circle, Hammersmith and City (Hammersmith), or Metropolitan (Uxbridge). Transfer at Baker Street to the Jubilee (Stratford). Get off at Westminster. Walk for 5 minutes, 39 seconds to your destination. Estimated time: 33 minutes, 8 seconds (A more detailed route can be generated as well!)

..Give it a try and let Greg know how you get along! :)

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