Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mobile, GPS, WiFi Applications using Google Maps

Mobile Phone Applications using Google Maps

Navizon - Enables drivers and pedestrians to navigate cities wirelessly. People can use Navizon to map cell phone towers and WiFi access points. Once they sync their PDA or cell phone, they can view them in Google maps (Cell towers in blue, WiFi access points in red). A local search tab in the app also makes use of geotags overlaid on a Google Map interface. Check out the Buddy Tracker - VERY cool stuff!
3D Tracking - Glenn Letham from explains: Using your mobile phone or PDA, along with your GPS receiver, you can record and view your movements in detail on Google Earth or Google Maps. - use your mobile phone to Google Map your travels anywhere in the world. It's as simple as an SMS.
eRuv Mobile: A Street History in Semacode - From this post:
"If you're alive in Manhattan, grab a Java phone and a semacode reader beta and use the nifty google-maps interface to find the tag nearest to you. There's also photos of eRuv (use the eruv tag in flickr)".
KMaps introduces mobile geo photoblogging - mobile users can upload and geotag their photos through KMaps straight to KMaps online Photoblog. Both public and private
Photoblogs are supported as well as photo rating.
Tip: Using Mologogo + Google Earth - It lets you track GPS enabled phones using Google maps. This latest addition to Mologogo lets you output the data as .kml file which you can then play with in Google Earth.
Maps + Mobile + Mashups + Social Media = Kmaps - Steve Rubel at talks up the mobile mashup capabilities within KMaps in this post.

GPS Applications using Google Maps

GPS Visualizer - A free utility for mapping GPS tracklogs and waypoints with various background maps. It allows you to overlay GPS tracks onto a Google Map. - Make interesting maps with your GPS device. The concept is pretty simple, load your track logs from a Garmin and then select two points in time to draw a map to which you could link or subscribe to its RSS feed. The source code is also free.
APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) - Ham radio operators hook their GPS boxes into their radio sets and display positions on a Google Map.


bbLocal - Find businesses and services on your BlackBerry, using Google Maps. Includes a city guide as well. An OTA link is emailed back to you for installation. [via]
HelloWorld puts out V.4.2.4 - The very first Google Maps app for the BlackBerry is back and fixes the search issues that were caused by changes made by Google. OTA links are here or here (If you're on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server).
Google Local for Mobile now available on the Blackberry - Trust me folks, I'm a BlackBerry user, and this app is great!
RentSlicer sends rental avails to your BlackBerry - RentSlicer is a Google Maps Real Estate Mashup.

WiFi: - Gmaps-enabled listing site for people who don't mind sharing their WiFi with their neighbors, etc.
For more Mobile and Wireless Google Maps sites, check here.

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