Saturday, February 11, 2006 powers 3 new Google Maps Mashups! is a dev-site that allows you to clone one of the Google Maps powered apps that have already been created or create your own Google Maps Mashup application from scratch. Here are some of the latest Ning apps that have a dash of Google Maps. :)

Marketplace With Maps - This Ning-facilitated app provides jobs, personals, housing and for-sale items. It also has an event calendar, communities and reviews. Each category search provides results which are Google-mapped and many other features use maps as well.

Ebay Motors Mapped - This Ning app lets you tap into the eBay Motors database of cars and search for a new rustbucket. Ning has readily available website APIs, such as an API from eBay, at your disposal to enable your Google Maps mashup application with. - Team Sports Bars was created by Frank Gruber (on to help people identify bars with loose affiliations to either college or professional sports teams thus connecting fans with a bar to cheer on their team. (Description provided by the website) [via]

Ning also has these Simple Web Services APIs Apps available to help you create Google Maps Mashups:

Google Maps API Simple Skeleton - This App uses a handful of libraries copied from other Ning Apps alongside our existing GMaps API component, reducing the amount of code needed to plot a map to one line:

Google Maps with Lat/Long Markers Skeleton - This page queries across the Ning Content Store for any objects, created by any Ning App, that have numeric latitude and longitude attributes. It then plots ten of those objects on a Google Map and lists their key attributes in a table below.

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