Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 2: Melbourne and traveling to Colombo.

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I've now got pictures posted over on Flickr and a video on YouTube for those that might be interested..

The second and final day in Melbourne started for me on St. Kildas Road in Melbourne for the first of 4 meetings. The office tower I was visiting brought me to the 14th floor of an office tower that overlooked the park where the Melbourne Grand Prix will be held this March 30th. For a city that boasts the most days of sunshine in the southern hemisphere, the host that was introducing the view to me seemed embarrassed by the grey overcast skies that hung over the gorgeous skyline before me. Melbourne is a beautiful place that regularly ranks high on the "world's most livable cities" lists. My favorite part of the city is its great cafe culture. As I order up a coffee to get my Tuesday midday caffeine fix, the whole experience, from ordering to drinking just feels right. The atmosphere around me is upbeat and comfortable as I dive in to enjoy a hot cappucino piled high with froth and cinnamon. My final meeting of the day brought me to the center of the city and the perfect place to round out my short visit to one of the world's great cities. Upon finishing, I sat for a few minutes along the Southbank area and just took in the now blue skies and chatter of tourists that were starting to infiltrate the city for the start of Commonwealth Games. Flags for the event that were on every possible lamppost were lapping in the breeze and the city was coming alive. I took the long way back to my hotel to soak up my final few minutes in Melbourne before setting off for the airport. I was composing this entry as I was cruising over central Australia last night. I'm now in Colombo, Sri Lanka after switching planes in Singapore. During the flight when were just clearing Australia, the pilot announced that we were going to pass over Ayers Rock on the right hand side of the plane. Unfortunately I was on the left, so resigned myself to looking at desertscape instead. Moments later a rock formation came into view so I snapped the photo. Here in my hotel in Colombo I just used Google Maps to try to identify what it was I was looking at and it turns out the formation I was looking at is quite close to Ayers Rock. In this link you can clearly see the formation I took the picture of and the lone rock to the right is Ayers Rock. Kind of cool.

As mentioned at the top of the post there are heaps of pictures that I'm starting to assemble if you want to check out what I'm seeing. I've also posted a video clip I've taken with my digital camera to YouTube.

Some Australian Google Maps Mashups:
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