Monday, March 13, 2006

Google Maps Mania Stop #1: Melbourne, Australia

Updated incorrorect Route Map link (You do not need to login to view the map!):

Check my Route Map here:

So I've finally arrived at my first stop down here in Melbourne, Australia! The journey was a long one - equaling 32 hours door to door. I've tried my best to stay up as long as I can today to attempt to kick the jetlag. I joined various teams competing in the 2006 Commonwealth Games that are being held in Melbourne this week. I sat next to the Grenada swim team (1 person) and was surrounded by Jamaican marathon runners and netballers. There aren't any Google Maps mashups for the event, but check out information on a Commonwealth Games Google Earth overlay created by Andrew Harris of Melbourne.

I landed today in to feel a "cool" 16C day here in Melbourne. A storm had apparently moved through last night that brought the temperature down from a hot and steamy 37C yesterday!! Give a tap on the area around Melbourne on the GChart world weather mashup to see the present weather for the start of the games.. Also, be sure to check out the Photo Google Map that has a few shots from the plane ride down. I'll post more photos in the coming days of Melbourne and other locations I'll be visiting.

While I was looking at the below in-flight tracker picture on the 13+ hours I was on the plane from LA to Melbourne today, I thought of how cool it might have been to have a Google Map or Google Earth screen to look at instead. This would allow passengers to explore the landscapes below them and in the process add another dimension to the flying experience. Something for Google to think of.

I'll be shifting to a new city tomorrow night, so stay tuned for a post from my next location!

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