Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google Maps News and Blog Posts

Places mentioning Google Maps Mania this week:

Futuretense - American Public Radio: The power of Google Maps
(Listen to an audio stream of my interview with host Jon Gordon in Real Audio)
Developers line up for Google
EWEEK - Mar.7/06
Boob tube meets online maps as TV fans get creative
Elinor Mills of CNET reports on the TV Maps phenomenon - Mar.6/06
Technology: Time For Your Mash-Up?
Newsweek - Mar.6/06
Google spawns travel map mash-ups
The Times UK - Mar.1/06

News and Blogs:

Massive crater found in Egypt/Libya see: news story [via] - Mar.7/06
Google Maps idea: Google Maps Micro - Mar.6/06
GarbageScout: great model for cameraphone/Google Map mash-up - Mar.3/06
2 men and 2 camels on Google Maps
The World According to Google - Mar.3/06
Cool Postcard idea with Google Maps (see link from this page) - Mar.1/06
PacMan on Google Maps [via] - Feb.27/06
Google Maps vs. the Rest [via] - Feb.27/06
Mashup Beyond Google Maps - Feb. 24
Best quote from MashupCamp
eBizQ - February 23, 2006

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