Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Google Maps World Mashup Roundup

A few new Google Maps mashups with a global reach..

World Race Tracks - All F1 Tracks mapped on Google Maps
F1 2006 Map - All 2006 F1 Tracks
World Motocross Map - MXearth is a depository for Google Maps/Earth satellite imagery of motocross tracks from around the world
Skype World User Map - Shows locations of Skype users
PillowsAndPancakes - A World Bed and Breakfast directory site using Google Maps [via]
VCarious.com Travel Guides - Community-based world travel site using Google Maps
LicketyTrip.com uses Google Maps - Last-minute vacation rental listing site
WFMU Marathon Donation Map - Independent freeform radio station from NY maps worldwide pledges
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