Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saying goodbye to Mumbai.. Google Maps Mania returns Mar.28!

(If you're new to Google Maps Mania, see the list of Google Maps mashups and tools here..)

What a day! All of my senses were given a workout today as I explored the city of Mumbai, India. A friend of a friend was my local tour guide showing me essential Bombay - from the Haji Ali Muslim temple to picturesque Gateway to India situated directly beside the Taj Hotel. The sights were great but the journey around the city was even better. I swear everyone has this spatial sense of sound about them. Drivers know by the sound where another vehicle is, pedestrians know where cars coming from behind them are and it culminates into a roadway mashup of sheer volume. There are taxis, people, dogs, trucks, buses, 3-wheeled rickshaws, cows pulling tanks.. Mumbai is definitely a city on the move. I was amazed at just how much activity there was in every shop, alley, upper storey window and sidestreet. You are forever just taking in the buzz of life that is all around you. I love this place. Some might call it smelly and out of control, but all of this makes Mumbai unique. It has the most activity I have ever seen in a city.

I've updated my Flickr Photo Set with the pictures from today and I've also updated my Google Map of the trip to show the location I'll be arriving to later tomorrow.

I'm wrapping up the business portion of my trip tonight when I'll catch a flight out of Mumbai tonight. I'm meeting my wife and my son in Paris where we'll spend the next week between there and Lisbon, Portugal for our holiday. Regular maps updates will resume after March 28th!

See you then!
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