Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U.S. Backcountry Google Maps

BackCountryMaps.com is a new Google Maps mashup that combines an enormous amount of information and mapping layers with some excellent user interface design. It aims to map out backcountry locations and store user submitted trip reports. The Google Maps API has been used to import 5 mapping layers that include the Google satellite view, USGS aerial and topographic overlays and Nexrad weather, all among popular backcountry location markers. You can also submit your own waypoints and trip reports and view resort and traffic web cams. Check out the "Featured Maps" tab for the CO Snotel Station Map, CO Avalanche Fatality Map and watch for the completion of the CO Backcountry Vlog Map. A programmatic note, this mashup uses ruby on rails and mysql and has some nifty tabbed info-windows! The mashup creator also wants me to pass along the invitation to anyone who would like to contribute! An awesome mashup! :)
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