Monday, April 17, 2006

CommunityWalk launches Explore Page

I've been in touch with Jared Cosulich since he launched CommunityWalk last August. He started the site to enable people to build a Google Maps mashup without prior knowledge of the Google Maps API. Since August some 3000 people have registered with the site and close to 5000 Google Maps are now being shared throughout various communities.

To this point Jared's focus has been on the maps creation aspect of the site, with the user experience always in mind. Satisfied with his site re-design and the fact that his user community can now build and edit their Google Maps he has shifted his focus to visitors to the site interested in exploring the maps which are available on the new "Explore Page". The Explore Page is really the looking glass into all the maps that people have built on CommunityWalk. The map on the page acts as a filter, showing only maps that exist within the current zoom level you are at. You can also choose maps based on the tagcloud above the map view or by running a search. Remember to zoom in and out using click and right-click. It's a great addition the lets you explore all of what people have created using the tool. Interested in building your own map for people to explore? Start here.
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