Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fidelity Labs shows off 2 new Google Maps mashups


Fidelity "Labs" have been cooking up some Google Maps mashups lately and they stopped by Google Maps Mania to ask me share them with you:

Branch Locator Tool - Using this any customer or prospect can enter their address, hit submit, and see where their nearest Fidelity branch is. You can even link off to Google Local to get directions to each location. This is one the best branch locator tools I've seen developed with the API.

Homes Sold Tool - Here anyone in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts (expanding across the U.S. soon) can enter their address and see homes that have sold recently in their area. Some very nice house map pins are used on this one.

Fidelity has this to say: "..Both these mashups are done in the spirit of experimentation. So if you have any input, it would be greatly appreciated, and we should have more map mashups in the future!"

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