Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Google Maps Satellite Views

A rooftop proposal - Google Maps satellite views catch an aerial proposal in New York City. [via]

Google Maps illusion - Here's a cool satellite view in Dallas that appears to have 2 buildings leaning into one another. Satellite maps look to have been stiched together oddly in this one.

GoogolMaps is a new 'collections' site - Here is a new site with more neat Google Maps satellite views like the ones listed above.

Be sure to stay current with all this great satellite imagery in your own Google Maps mashup by upgrading to version 2 of the Maps API. The Google Maps API Official Blog posted yesterday about a planned update of satellite imagery that matches the same update the Google Earth database enjoyed earlier this week. The Google Earth Blog has an extensive wrap-up of what world locations were upgraded. Thanks to Ted Timmons at Sightseeing with Google Maps for this tip about the update!

For more sites that focus on neat collections of Google Maps satellite views check out my section called, appropriately: Google Maps Collections

Enjoy, and HAPPY EARTH DAY!! :)
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