Friday, April 07, 2006

Tag your photos to a Google Map using Panorama Explorer

One of the best types of Google Maps creation tools are those that facilitate the uploading of images to a Google Map. Panorama Explorer is a new site that allows you to do just this. I was pretty impressed with how easy and quick the process was to start contributing my photos to this Google Maps based photo sharing site (and kind of addictive). By quickly creating an account (that requires no email verification) you can start looking up world locations and tagging your own photos to these places. A handy "MyPhotos" area lets you place titles and descriptions on the photos after you have uploaded them.

If you choose not to add photos and instead just browse the growing number of pins from around the world, the viewing method to look at the pictures on this map is awesome. When you click onto a pin, a balloon pops up containing the picture and after clicking on it, it enlarges in full view with an inset Google Map showing the location of that image. Regional continent filters exist for quick searching as well. It's really an enjoyable experience to just browse around the map or view the last 10, 20... 100 photos that have been uploaded! I give this Google Maps tool top marks for ease of use and enjoyment.

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