Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Updates to great Google Maps Mashups!

Here is a short roundup of those mashups that have been previously mentioned but continue to see improvements to make them better.

Local News by zip code gets restaurants and movie theaters - Virender Ajmani's wildly popular Google News mashup that lets you search local news by zipcode has added restaurant and movie theater locations to the map. Using Yahoo!'s new Local Search v3 API he lets you turn pull in Indian, Italian and Japanese restaurants, as well as the locations of all movie theaters. This in addition to local news and traffic that was previously added.

New York Bar, Restaurant & Subway mapper gets directions - New York On Tap (.com) is a website that has integrated the Google Maps API with their database of 1600 NYC bars. They have just integrated subway directions to the subway map with the help of Greg Brail's web service. Set your start and destination locations (address, landmark, bar, or restaurant), then get directions. It pops up a DHTML window(draggable) with directions and estimated travel time, and plots a polyline of your route, and indicators for any transfers. For an example try searching: 67 E. 2nd St. to the Empire State Building..

MenuPages + Google Maps mashup expands cities - Will Schenk has continued his crusade to map the database. He started by creating a map of New York City menus and now covers Chicago, Boston and San Francisco

Other updates:

BackCountryMaps - A new maps module allows anyone to create up to 10 private or public maps, and LOTS of new featured map content. Also better gis base data (ie roads, streams, etc), better landsat7 overlay, terraserver aerial with gis base data, live weather and nexrad and better UI.
More Washington D.C. Boundary Stones added - Check out Mark Zimmerman's expanded map of the 1791-92 DC Boundary Stones that now has better imagery.. and more stones!
Tagzania is digging API V2 - DIY Google Mapper Tagzania has noticed that when Google Local updates imagery, this update is now visible in API mashups. Things like the National Geographic aerial visions of Africa seem to be present (zoom right in on these ones). Head over to Tagzania to make your own Google mapped tagged with your interesting locations.

Based on user feedback Interesting Google Satellite Maps lets you browse by location *and* category along with a "show nearby" entries feature. Mega Google API masher FareCompare has expanded airfare search to other parts of the world and now includes Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Seattle data, as well as some new look and feel.

Have you updated your mashup? Post a comment to let others know! :)
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