Monday, April 03, 2006

U.S. Census Bureau + Google Maps

Here is a another stats mashup that combines data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Google Maps. It's called World Wide Webfoot Maps. Here are some of the maps which are available to view:

- Race and density
- Age distribution
- Housing units
- Total population density
- Male population percentage
- Female population percentage
- Average Household Size
- Average Family Size
- Blacks per housing unit
- Percentage of population 18-22

The maps integrate the regular Google Maps layers (Street, Satellite, Hybrid) and add additional layers you can toggle on/off from within the map. Here is an example from the "Race & Density" map:

A handy feature allows you to link directly to a zoomed-in view (similar to the Google Local feature) and there are extensive FAQ's available from each map page. It also has an expert mode that lets you "roll your own" map depending on the elements you want to display. This mashup definitely has the user experience in mind. Check out the mashup here..

Other Statistical and Demographics related mashups:
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