Thursday, May 18, 2006

5 new US Google Maps Mashups - Crime, Climate, RV'ing, Travel

Climate Map for the Bay Area - ClimateSource (.com) has put up a Google Maps mashup that displays elaborate climate data for select areas in the SF Bay Area. A Google Earth version is also available. Some interesting stats.

Mapping and Rating Environmentally Friendly Buildings - The Green Project aims to highlight "Green" apartments, factories offices and retail. In the process not-so-green are also highlighted. Add your own markers to the map.

Berkeley Police Department Crime Data + Google Maps - Presents a browsable database of crimes for Berkeley, California. Maps crimes by zip code, police beat, time plus many more. Also includes RSS feeds. [Via ProgrammableWeb]

Minnesota Green Routes Travel - has incorporated a Google Maps based search into their website. It lets you map green destinations such as restaurants, B&Bs, farms, etc in Minnesota. This mashup GUI also has some very cool stuff happening with rollovers, windows and polyline work.

Mapping Satellite-TV RV Hookups in North America- Satellite Friendly (.com) is a service that lets you Google Map RV parks with satellite TV hookups in Canada, USA and Mexico. It rates each parks coverage and acts as a nifty park mapper in the process.


The Hometown USA mashup continues to pile on the location based data sources. You can now search golf courses and movie showtimes, searchable by zip across the US. Meanwhile has added pub crawls for Baltimore and Bloomington IN as well as some nice GUI enhancements.
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