Monday, May 01, 2006

8 new US Google Maps mashups: Disney World, SF, golf

Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts + Google Maps - Here is a great Google Map that plots the locations of all parks and resorts in the area around Walt Disney World. Parks are segmented by minor and major and resorts are split up by value, moderate deluxe and DVC (unsure what this stands for). Each location contains a link to a detailed map of that particular resort or park as well. If you're planning a trip to Disney World this Google Map will come in handy! Warning: Does not seem to work in Firefox (map pin infowindows appear blank) View this one in Internet Explorer.

SF Housing Sale Data + Google Maps - RealEstateFU is a site that tracks housing sale data for the Bay Area. It has data for the last 3 years totaling over 330,000 individual home sales. All this info is viewable on a Google Map to show the house locations for individual streets. Helpful when searching for or selling your home in that region.

US Golf Courses + Google Maps - This great golf course website has integrated Google Maps search functionality into their listings of courses for all golf courses in each US state. It has in effect created an individual Google map of courses for every city in the US with its own URL. (Example: Miami) Each course also has a "Map It" link that shoots out into a Google Map as well. Start your search here to drill down to specific places.

SF Burrito Places + Google Maps -'s slogan reads "It's all in your hands". It's a website that is all things burrito and they've recently mashed up their database of taquerias in San Francisco and plotted them on a map.

Other Maps:

The popular Google News by zip code map now has weather! Virender Ajmani has added rss feeds from Yahoo! Weather to his super-local mega-mashup of news, traffic, restaurants, theaters and flower shops (for Mother's Day of course) + Google Maps - Choose a city from the left, click on area map + points of interest -> Map to the right.
Google Mapping Community Bike Groups + Google Maps
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