Friday, May 19, 2006

Google Maps mashups in NYC: BYOB and MYOM

BYOB Map of New York Restaurants - Food and wine blog Amuse-Bouche has established a handy Google Map for the New York City restaurant goer. It pin-points NYC's BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants and has been compiled by first hand visits and second hand reports. The map key describes the color of the pins: Green is for "Ongoing BYOB policies", Purple marks "Free corkage on some nights", Yellow indicates "Awaiting a liquor license" and Orange indicates "Corkage under $10". Jon Bonné, who runs the blog and map, accepts updates by email as well.

OnNYTurf NYC Subway lets you Make Your Own Mashup - The popular OnNYTurf NYC subway Google Maps mashup has added a cool feature that lets anyone share their favorite spots around the city and make using the map easier. Easily save places you look up when you search the map, customize the info-balloons with your own links, images and text, then share them with others on the web. Register for an account in a couple of seconds, then on-page instructions will help you start adding pins all over this great NYC Google Maps mashup!

Lots more great NYC Google Maps mashups can be found here..
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