Thursday, May 25, 2006

Google Maps news and blog post roundup

(Update: Added Google Earth Blog story..)

If you ever wanted insight into what adventures geo-developers are having when they pick up the Google Maps API to create a mashup, these two articles are perfect.'s creator Jenny Shank talks about her mashup from start to finish in these two very well written articles: The Making of a Mashup, Part 1 The Making of a Mashup, Part 2

Frank Taylor over at the Google Earth Blog shows us how Google could have the same image quality as the new images in Microsoft's Live Local by doing a little photo processing:
Microsoft Imagery Update for UK

Australian street level mapping in Google Maps caught the attention of the Australian press this past week. Here is some coverage:
Sydney Morning Herald (May19/06) - Also appeared in The Age (Melbourne) Sydney Morning Herald Mashup Blog Post (May 19/06)

Here is an excellent article from Eric Pimpler at Directions Magazine that gives a comprehensive overview of all the changes now available in the Google Maps API Version 2:
What's new in Google Maps2? (May 22/06)
Be sure to also check out his previous article:
Introduction to Developing with Google Maps

ProgrammableWeb's John Musser and Google Maps product manager Bret Taylor are quoted in this excellent mashup article in New Scientist Magazine:
'Mashup' websites are a hacker's dream come true

Google Maps SVG Support
Ajaxian Blog - May 11/06

Google Maps ranking #3 behind Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest
Hitwise Blog - May 19/06

Pigs and Pilates: Google maps regional passions
Times Online (UK) - May 21/06

Yet another location-based tool: Plazes - May 19/06

RH Internet Report: Google and Yahoo! Maps
Red Herring - May 15/06

Integrating Google Maps with Yahoo Geo-Coding
Pandora Squared - May 14/06

The on mashups - May 15/06

Google moves into virtual worlds
CNN - May 12/06
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