Thursday, May 04, 2006

Holland Google Maps Mashup Roundup

More Google Maps mashups are surfacing in Holland recently. With the introduction of street maps to this country, it seems combining data with maps is something that is gaining in popularity there. Here are all the known Google Maps mashups for the Netherlands. If you know of any others please post a comment at the bottom!

Eyefi's Arjan Scherpenisse has created MarktKijker (English: market watcher) which is a Google Maps mashup for the Dutch auctioning site and He explains: "The site has a feature called 'marktprikker' (market pointer), which plots on the map where the items searched for are located. If you register at the site and enter your zip code, the site sorts the result according to the nearest distance to your location. Marktplaats is the second most visited site after among the approximately 16 million people in Holland.

Heineken Google Maps Game:

Crime Map - database of more than 20,000 crimes:

Find a school or college:

Internet Job Recruitment:

..If you know of other Dutch sites using Google Maps, please post a comment!
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