Wednesday, May 24, 2006

X-Men + Google Maps = X-Planet


What do you get when you take the Google Maps API, mix it up with a major Hollywood film and some awesome Flash design? You get X-Planet, the new movie website for X-Men: The Last Stand. Created by Australian firm SOAP Creative, X-Planet uses Google Maps to let fans pin themselves to a map and assume the identity of an X-Men mutant. The resulting map is an mashup of hundreds of X-Men fans from all over the world. Add your bio info, MySpace or blog URL and your powers as a mutant. There is a cool photo scroll bar along the bottom of the map that lets you browse "mutants".

This is one of the most engaging Google Maps implementations I've seen. If you have a fast machine and a big monitor, choose full screen and high detail for this mashup and prepare to be blown away. This is also a *VERY* good way to include fans in the movie going experience. I went to the site not all that interested in X-Men, and now I'm curious to see what some of the labels and characters mean in the movie.

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