Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Berlin transit system + Google Maps = ÜBERBAHN

"Guten Morgen Berlin - Actung, It's Uberbahn!" - This was the subject line of the email from Will over at OnNYTurf this morning as he informed me of the release of his Berlin Subway Map mashup coined: ÜBERBAHN. Just in time for the FIFA World Cup starting this Friday, Will has created a mashup of the S&U Bahns and MetroTram in Berlin, Germany. The mashup, in both German and English language has scaled down functionality as it launches in beta today but more features are on the way. Currently the mashup features 2 map types and 3 zoom levels for: S & U Bahns (which are like the subways) and Trams (known as MetroTram, they are only in the East). Some of the features that are coming soon include: More Zoom Levels, Address Search, Favorite Locations and Multiple Languages.

"..If you happen to be going to Berlin you will find this map immensely helpful. I could not find a clear street accurate map showing the Metro system while I was there. Heck, I could not even find a map that put the Trams on the same page as the Subway lines! (they are sort of different systems)." (Read More..)

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