Thursday, June 08, 2006

Follow a live UPS delivery on Google Maps!

This Monday I'll be speaking at the Google Geo Developer Day at the Google headquarters (aka "The Googleplex) in California. During this presentation I'll be showing some of the year's most interesting Google Maps mashups and applications to Google Maps/Earth geo-developers, as well as members of the press who will be in attendance. One of the apps that I plan on showing in this presentation is Where's Tim. Where's Tim tracks the current location of Tim Hibbard using a phone loaded with GPS software and Google Maps and Earth. When I mentioned this to Tim Hibbard, he decided to send me a phone pre-loaded with the software and a data plan from Nextel to make the presentation more interesting. That's not the cool part. He "forgot" to turn off phone as he packed it into the box and it's STILL ON reporting its position during its shipment.. Take a look! To see the journey so far, enter 6/7/2006 in the "Get History" field to the left of the map and you can plot everywhere it has been on to Google Maps or Earth. Battery life and data roaming once it crosses the Canadian border are all things that stand in the way of this tracking map continuing to be up to date, but until then it's pretty cool..

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