Sunday, June 04, 2006

France Google Maps Mashup Roundup

Our French correspondent Renaud Euvrard is back with this week's France Google Maps Mashup Roundup. This is Renaud's second post. Check out his last post here, which has a list of all known Google Maps mashups from France:

You are looking for...

oreilly.jpg...A bookshop
with the lastest book from O' Reilly which you wish to buy? With O' Reilly, where to find... it is easy to enter your postal code and ISBN code of the book that you to seek, and the maps indicate the bookshops closest to you with an approximate rate to the availabilities.

actu1clic.jpg...The lastest news... concerning your city? The current events of your city in 1 click offers you the last current events (from Google News or Yahoo News) of your city on one click! Is your city present? You can add it on maps and the system will seek the lastest news automatically. A simple but effective idea! You can also add any RSS feed on the map or add the weather.

... on Google Maps?geotrotter.jpg - to visit Earth with Google Maps is a directory of the satellite sights of Google Maps of France. It includes the most beautiful villages of France, monuments, circuits of F1, or stadiums of the Soccer World cup 2006 in Germany... there is a beautiful journey here without leaving your office.

fon.jpgThe access point wifi of the Fon network? - Fon Maps indexes the wifi access points of FON provided by Foneros. "FON brings together all the users of WiFi who share part of their wireless Internet connection. FON gather Foneros which set up a hotspot or access point (each Fonero does not become access point FON, once its activated router) by providing part of their bandwidth. Each new Fonero, while contributing a little its band-width makes it possible all other Foneros to reach a network increasingly larger and denser, everywhere in the world."
Fon is a Spanish project which is developing everywhere in Europe.

One more: Guide Des Locations Saisonnieres [via]
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