Friday, June 09, 2006

Google Mapping Top 10 US Colleges, Classifieds by zip code

Top 10 Colleges +
Princeton Review Top 10 Colleges - Virender Ajmani adds to his impressive mashup collection by 'Google Mapping' the Princeton Review Top 10 Colleges based on the following:
- Academics
- Best Value
- Happiest Students
- Beautiful Campuses
- Party Colleges
- Where Students Always Study
- Where Students Never Study
- Toughest Colleges to get into

Google Maps + Yahoo Geocoding + Microsofts Live Expo Beta - Here is a mashup that takes elements from the titans of the software and web world - Google's Maps, Yahoo!'s geocoder and Microsoft's new dynamic social listing service (Live Expo) and mashes it all together to create a great web app that lets you Google Map classifieds by your own local zip code! Be sure to check out Virender's local news, weather, restaurants, theaters and golf courses by zip code mashup as well!
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