Thursday, June 15, 2006

Move Google Maps by tilting your ThinkPad!

Here is a YouTube video that is starting to make its rounds around the blogosphere. Tatsuhiko Miyagawa has devised a way to pan and move around the Google Maps interface by physically physically picking up your IBM ThinkPad notebook and tilting it. This video shows a demonstration:

Here is a snippet from his blog:
Another day, another hack. Here's a demo that controls Google Maps using ThinkPad Hard Drive Active Protection sensor. You tilt your ThinkPad and Google Maps roll over. Pretty cool. My recommendation is to choose Satellite mode, with the 3rd Zoom level. It makes me feel like flying in the sky, just as birds. Because of Google Maps JS library prefetching images, sometimes you have a delay (latency) moving, but other than that, it is quite fantastic. (Read More - Miyagawa also provides the full source code..)

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