Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Airplane pollution and Airport Parking Google Maps Mashups

See how much CO2 your next flight puts into the air - This Google Maps tool calculates the amount of CO2 a flight from any two points puts out, per passenger. I ran a quick search for Detroit to LAX and my CO2 emissions would be 1,546 lbs! Your flight gets plotted on a Google Map while the tool tells you how you're polluting. :) [Via ProgrammbleWeb]

Find Airport Parking near all US Airports - Before you board that flight and contribute those thousands of pounds of CO2, you need to find a place to park the other object that pollutes your environment.. your car. (oh, and save some money too!). If time permits, instead of using the main airport lot, look for a place to park using About Airport Parking (.com). In addition to providing links to security and general airport delay status, it Google Maps the locations of lots in the area near the Airport you're visiting. Here is an example for LAX. A great idea for a mashup!
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