Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cambodia's first Google Maps Mashup

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Before the recent satellite imagery update to Google Maps several countries were limited from creating maps mashups due to low resolution imagery and no street maps. This situation is changing with this last update and Cambodia is one of those countries that is now visible for the mashing!

Phil Lees writes to Google Maps Mania saying "With the recent update to various Google Maps across Southeast Asia, Phnom Penh in Cambodia has changed from an unrecognizable blob to an actual city. In response, I've started Cambodia's first mashup: "Mapping Phnom Penh's food" -- From what I can see, this mashup is much more than just food and drink for one of the world's most interesting cities, it also includes many other Cambodia places. There is a Cambodian Beer Map, and a street food map and other categories (see "::map" in the list) of food and drink choices around Cambodia. The cool part is that each of these map pins links to a blog post from that gives great info.

This is a useful mashup for those backpackers and tourists visiting Phnom Penh. Based on the limited choices for maps-based Cambodian travel info, this is a great resource for everyone visiting this country!

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