Thursday, July 20, 2006

Google Map of Israel Lebanon Conflict (using KML)

UPDATE: Due to the large number of placemarks, not all locations are visible in Maps making this look like a biased map - To view all locations for this map be sure to open it up in Google Earth.

Stefan Geens of The OgleEarth Blog points us to a KML file that geographically documents events that have taken place in the past week on both sides of the Israel - Lebanon border. Excited to finally test the KML to Google Maps functionality I tried to bring up this Google Earth KML file in Google Maps.. and it worked! To view it, simply copy this link, then paste it into Google Maps... Here is the result. I agree with Stef - this overlay has amazing accuracy and will help you to explore where the conflict is taking place in both Google Maps and Google Earth. For more about this overlay view the info page that it is linked from.
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