Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Google Maps in context

Mapping Out the Future
Time Magazine Asia - Jul.17/06 Issue
Google Maps, the fool's gold of mashups
ZDNet Blogs - Jul.06/06
Google-centered America (Google Maps center-point on the US map)
In Theory - Jul.06/06
Marketers Map Out Their GPS Ad Plans
Internet Research Pro - Jul.06/06
New Look For Google Maps?
Feed24.com - Jul.04/06
Help me think of a good mashup to create
Spatially Adjusted - Jul.03/06
Good O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference Summary
GISUser.com - Jun.30/06
House numbers in Google Maps
Google Blogoscoped - Jun.30/06
Dell boosts IT services with Google Maps
ComputerWorld - Jun.28/06
Does Google Earth Reveal Military Secrets?
Newsfactor - Jun.27/06
Dating Google Earth Satellite Image with 5 Minutes Accuracy
emclog - Jun.25/06
The Long Tail of Mapping
Directions Mag - Jun.22/06
The world is my sandwich (Reporting on the GMaps Earth Sandwich Tool)
Financial Times - Jun.21/06
The "value" of some other popular Geo blogs
AnyGeo.com - Jun.19/06
Can Google's most recent mapping and satellite upgrades make money?
BloggingStocks.com - Jun. 19/06
IBM: Mashups Could Be Massive, Says IBM Exec
HispanicBusiness.com - Jun.16/06
IBM's enterprise mashup uses web services for new apps
ITNews Australia - Jun.16/06
Maps. Mash-Ups. Money?
Forbes.com - Jun.15/06
Google releases Maps for Enterprise
ZDNet Blogs - Jun.13/06
Google Earth zooms in
ZDNet News - Jun.12/06
Google Maps Integrates Local Product Data
SearchEngine Journal - Jun.9/06
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