Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Maps mashup for the Middle East Conflict

In an attempt to help those affected by the conflict in the Middle East, Koolyoom.com has emerged as a Google Maps mashup (of other mashups) to help war victims. It features a Frappr Map that allows you to "localize yourself for your family and friends", a news panel with war related news feeding in, and a Google Map of significant points within the region. This map of points could be significantly improved by adding some descriptions to the info-windows and perhaps link to a Google News search result page for that point. The site also links off to the Maps view of the KML file (see "Conflict Map") I posted about a while back. This KML file should definitely be opened up in Google Earth rather than Google Maps since only the first 100 points show up when viewing it using Maps.

...Once again Google Maps is a vital web ingredient to help in yet another aide situation.
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