Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Google Maps Package Tracker App Roundup

Want to track your UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL packages on a Google Map? Package Tracking with Google Maps is a new GMaps web-tool that will help you do this. Walk up to the site, enter your package tracking number and the voyage your parcel is taking will be mapped out for you.

Another similar package tracking app from iSnoop.net allows you to do the same thing only the map page generates an RSS feed that you can subscribe to allowing you to monitor progress in a RSS feed format. One more package tracking app is PackageMapper.com (site is slow to respond) that allows you to track everything but UPS but does show you your package route on Google Earth as well! I haven't confirmed this but it appears tracking might only work for packages in North America for these above tools. For any of the above that track UPS try this tracking number: 1Z12345E1512345676 to test things out

I wonder when the big courier companies will integrate Google Maps tools into their customer tracking sites? These applications clearly show how it can be done...
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