Saturday, July 22, 2006

Google Maps Sights and Vids

Google Maps Sights:

Cirque Du Soleil Tents in Vancouver [via]
Sinking ship off the shores of Kuwait [Via Digg]
Swastika shaped building [via]
Too close for comfort? - Virender Ajmani annotates the locations of 5 aircraft taking off from Atlanta's airport noting how close each one is to the other as they take off... or are they all the same plane? (Close the info window to move to the next plane)

Madurodam Miniature City in the Netherlands
Where's Jesus? Can you see it? (Luistxo from Tagzania)
Rockefeller Center is about to collapse!
New "Collections" site:

..Check out the "Collections" links for more Google Maps satellite imagery finds!

Google Maps Videos:

"The guy behind Google Maps" -->

(If the clip is not displaying, click here)

"Google Earth - Has it gone too far?" -->

[Via Earth-Maps]
(If the clip is not displaying, click here)

More Google Maps videos: YouTube, Google Video

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