Friday, July 21, 2006

More ways the news and media are using Google Maps

More examples of how news and media are making use of the Google Maps API:

Frugal Traveler on the Road

The New York Times Travel has created "Frugal Traveler on the Road" which uses Google Maps to help you follow the journey of a travel writer setting out to "hopscotch the globe using low-cost carriers, buses, trains, ferries and your travel tips."

Showing the path of a prison escapee

The Sydney Morning Herald's Stephen Hutcheon has used the new DIY site QuikMaps to show readers of the article "Sydney prison escapee rams police" what path the convict took after breaking out. Why don't more news organizations do this sort of thing?

Road Trip 2006

"C|Net packs the gadgets and hits the highway" - This Google Maps mashup tracks roving reporter Daniel Terdiman as he makes use of gadgets and chronicles tech along the west coast of the US. Lots of great articles, videos and photos.

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