Monday, July 24, 2006

New US Google Maps mashups for summer

Find a Pick-up Game with this mashup - PickUpGame (.com) is a Google Maps based tool to find basketball courts, tennis courts, softball/baseball fields, golf courses, pool halls & bowling alleys in your city. The purpose of the map is to help you easily find these places for easy pick-up games. With 31 cities live more are being added daily.

Adirondacks Mountain Region: Birding Sites Map - If you're near the Adirondacks region this summer you'll want to check out this superb bird watching mashup to find the featured areas of a lot of different types of birds. Amenities such as Visitor Centers are also mapped. To view the Google Map integration click "Search By Map". Google Maps API enthusiasts will want to just check out the great design work that has gone into this mashup.

New York City Farmers Markets - The New York City Coalition Against Hunger has used Google Maps to plot the locations of all NYC farmers' markets. Markets are also color-coded to show which accept food stamps as well as all free summer feeding sites for kids, color-coded depending on who operates them. Check out more of the Coalition's Google Maps that are helping the cause on the groups' website.

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