Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Superb Golfing Google Maps Mashup: GolfBonk

David Schorr has been busy at work with another installment in his series of "bonk" Google Maps mashups. The creator of the ever-popular WeatherBonk and SkiBonk mashups has launched GolfBonk for golfing enthusiasts. What is GolfBonk all about? It's a pretty serious mashup with a killer user interface to tons of information to plan a golf outing.

- Map golf courses in your area (Works for US/Canada and some parts of Europe)
- View course search results on-map or in a list showing course details, # of holes and price to play
- Google satellite mapping provides visual preview of the course
- Golf Bonk supports course annotations, where you can label any number of features and points of interest on a course and share them with others. To create an annotation, simply click anywhere on the detailed course map and enter the relevant information. VERY COOL!
- Weather is mashed up to provide conditions before you play!

In line with David's other sites this is a great mashup with TONS of functionality. I would definitely say that David's sites are in the top 10 of Google Maps mashups in terms of quality due to the number of data feeds being mashed up and the user-interface that he has developed to interact with the information displayed on the maps. He has also created a "rapid enterprise mashup architecture" running on the backend that allows for simple mashup configuration to describe the data sources and the map application, and then generates a fully functional mapping application/mashup. Be sure to check out GolfBonk!
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